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This is a list of German Tutors that offer their tutoring service. A lot of our tutors offer homework help, online tutoring, and one-on-one tutoring sessions, group tutoring sessions, and many other kinds of tutoring service. Click on tutor's name to view his / her profile and to contact for tutoring service.

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Calculus has never been easier with Grukie. This is a great time saver for me
- Ashley, Toronto ON

Very helpful tutoring sessions, made me feel accomplished in my writing style
- Laura, Toronto ON

I found the help I needed and the platform was so easy to use
-Jack, Mississauga ON

Finding tutors has been a joy for me. I recommended Grukie to many of my friends
- Erica, Toronto ON

I like all of your features, especially how easily I can review all tutors I have contacted
- Tony, Toronto ON

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Ms Karen K. Ottawa, Ontario

If you're looking for somebody to either help you catch up in math, sciences, or languages, or get ahead in any of these subjects, you've found the right tutour! I majored in Health Sciences and Biology at the university of Ottawa, so I have a sol... read more

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Bachelor Degree

10+ years of experience

Mrs Eloise V. Toronto, Ontario

If you are looking for someone who can teach you french language, i'm the person you need! I am currently "au pair" and i'm watching on a girl of 2 years old. Before i was taking care of 3 girls of 3,6 and 8 so i have a lot of experience with kids an... read more

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Masters Degree

Up to 1 year of experience

Dr Mike B. Ottawa, Ontario

If you're looking for somebody to help you understand math, physics, computers, science, or one of several languages, look no further! I was an Operations Research/Math major at the University of Zurich, and minored in Econometrics. While there, I tu... read more

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PHD Degree

3-5 years of experience

Mr huk k. markham, Ontario

I’m a French native recently graduated a Bachelor in Translation studies, looking to help with those who need help with their language work. I am very friendly and patient person, who is willing to help you through your struggle with French language... read more

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Bachelor Degree

1-2 years of experience

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