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This is a list of Boxing Tutors that offer their tutoring service. A lot of our tutors offer homework help, online tutoring, and one-on-one tutoring sessions, group tutoring sessions, and many other kinds of tutoring service. Click on tutor's name to view his / her profile and to contact for tutoring service.

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Calculus has never been easier with Grukie. This is a great time saver for me
- Ashley, Toronto ON

Very helpful tutoring sessions, made me feel accomplished in my writing style
- Laura, Toronto ON

I found the help I needed and the platform was so easy to use
-Jack, Mississauga ON

Finding tutors has been a joy for me. I recommended Grukie to many of my friends
- Erica, Toronto ON

I like all of your features, especially how easily I can review all tutors I have contacted
- Tony, Toronto ON

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Ms Sally I. Mississauga, Ontario

-Specialized in Teaching English to speakers of other languages -Bilingual: English/Arabic -Canadian Citizenship test -Bachelor of Science - Psychology/Biology My teaching approach reflects the communicative competence paradigm in which stude... read more

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Bachelor Degree

1-2 years of experience

Mrs Melissa T. Toronto, Ontario

Everyone has different personalities, qualities, needs, styles and rates of learning. I am patient and tap into various methods or techniques to help the student feel comfortable and capable. I have experience with personal and group fitness training... read more

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Other Degree

3-5 years of experience

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