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Calculus has never been easier with Grukie. This is a great time saver for me
- Ashley, Toronto ON

Very helpful tutoring sessions, made me feel accomplished in my writing style
- Laura, Toronto ON

I found the help I needed and the platform was so easy to use
-Jack, Mississauga ON

Finding tutors has been a joy for me. I recommended Grukie to many of my friends
- Erica, Toronto ON

I like all of your features, especially how easily I can review all tutors I have contacted
- Tony, Toronto ON

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Mrs Cecilia O. Lindsay, Ontario

If you are a student in the elementary or junior grades and you want some extra help I am the right person for you. I have been a teacher for 26 years working wit students from grades SK to 8. I have taught all subject areas including Core French to ... read more

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Bachelor Degree

1-2 years of experience

Mr Jordan F. Etobicoke, Ontario

My teaching philosophy is to provide an inclusive and fun educational experience that encourages students to become active participants, risk takers, critical thinkers, and problem solvers in their lifelong learning. I implement differentiated lea... read more

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Masters Degree

6-10 years of experience

Ms Ekaterina K. Maple, Ontario

Hello everyone! Being a student myself, I understand that learning is a process. Therefore, I take a patient and strategic approach with each student I tutor. This involves planning out what will be covered in each session, designing interesting a... read more

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High School Degree

3-5 years of experience

Ms Rabia S. Mississauga, Ontario

If you are looking to improve your grades and are in elementary-high school, I will ensure this and make it my priority. I have tutored other high school students who have significantly improved their Math and English skills. All students who I have ... read more

Tutors Gymnastics | +10 Other Subjects


High School Degree

1-2 years of experience

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